Project coordinator




Dr. Alessio Di Roberto


I graduated in July 2003 with a MSc thesis in Geology “Nature and composition of vulcanogenic deposit in the final part of Stromboli Canyon” from University of Pisa.

In the same year I started my PhD in “Physical modeling for the environment protection at the University of Bologna where I graduated with the thesis “Distal turbidity current deposits cogenetic to holocenic landslides of Stromboli volcano (Aeolian islands, Italy): implication for tsunami risk assessment” on August, 2007.

Since September 2007, I have a Post Doc grant at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, in Pisa. My research activities focused on:

 - Stratigraphic and geophysical studies of the deposits generated by the instability of the volcanic edifices for the reconstruction of geological parameters such as recurrence of the events, magnitude (volume), flow dynamics and tsunamigenic potential;

Sedimentological and stratigraphical study of pyroclastic flow deposits occurring on basaltic volcanoes, and definition of physical parameters useful to the numerical modeling of the flows;

 - Stratigraphic, sedimentological, geochemical and petrological studies on deposits generated during submarine explosive and effusive volcanic eruptions; their interpretation in order to reconstruct the dynamics of magma ascent, the crustal structures, eruptive dynamics as well as the mechanisms of transport and emplacement of deposits;

 - Physical volcanology and geochemistry studies on products connected to the explosive and effusive activity of basaltic volcanoes with special focus on recent paroxysmal eruptions (1600-present) of Stromboli and the Canary Islands (El Hierro and Tenerife); 

 - Tephrostratigraphic and tephrochronologic studies on distal tephra in continental, lacustrine and marine sediment sequences with particular interest in the central southern Mediterranean area, Patagonia and the Ross Sea, Antarctica.